Does CBD Make You Hungry? The CBD Munchies

Some ask Is there such a thing as the CBD munchies? Does CBD Make You Hungry? New and potential CBD users may be concerned that CBD use will make them overeat and gain weight. Is there any research to support this? This article answers the question “Does CBD Make You Hungry?

Cannabis and Hunger

Cannabis use can cause a ravenous sense of hunger known as “the munchies”.

One study says:  data generally suggest that acute marijuana use stimulates appetite, and that marijuana use may stimulate appetite in low-weight individuals.”[1] Marijuana also has been used to stimulate appetite and suppress nausea in cancer patients.

The same study states that cannabinoid receptors (i.e., endocannabinoids) influence some feeding behaviors.

So research does support a correlation between marijuana (cannabis) use and the munchies.

Because of this, some people wonder if there is such a thing as the “CBD munchies”.  Is there any merit to thinking CBD can make you hungry?

Is the “CBD Munchies” a Real Thing?

It is true cannabis use can make you very hungry. But the reason for this is because of the elevated level of the cannabinoid THC. THC is also associated with the high of cannabis.

However, Agricultural Hemp, which is the hemp used to make CBD, does not contain more than minute traces of THC.  Therefore, CBD will not cause “the CBD Munchies”.

But since the cannabinoid receptors do influence feeding behaviors, does CBD have any impact on hunger or gaining weight?

CBD, Metabolism and Weight Gain

CBD can alleviate symptoms of nausea, cramping, and anxiety.  These can all reduce appetite. So addressing these issues may remove obstacles to healthy eating and weight gain.

Studies also indicate CBD and cannabis users both tend to have a faster metabolism.

Research suggests that CBD could even reduce food intake and boost metabolism, which could actually promote weight loss. However, there is not enough evidence to support CBD as a weight loss aid.

Summary of Does CBD Make You Hungry? The CBD Munchies

The CBD Munchies aren’t a real thing. CBD won’t cause excessive hunger because it lacks the THC level to cause excessive hunger. If you are concerned about any level of THC, consider using a CBD Isolate which contains no THC. Don’t forget to read the COA.

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