What is CBD Isolate?

What is a CBD isolate? The isolate of CBD is the purest form of the cannabinoid CBD. There are benefits to a CBD Isolate but extraction methods can affect the CBD quality. This article explains:  What is a CBD Isolate? What are the benefits? How can I tell if a CBD isolate product contains a pure quality CBD?

What is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate ONLY contains CBD with no other cannabinoids. It is a concentrate of over 95% pure CBD. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid with many proven benefits.

The isolate or crystal of CBD is a concentrated white powder extracted from the cannabis plant. It comes from the extraction of the cannabidiol molecule from Agricultural Hemp.

Agricultural Hemp or Industrial Hemp is grown for making CBD products.

CBD Isolate is the most concentrated form of CBD because the molecule has been separated from other cannabinoids and during the production process. It no longer contains any trace of terpenes or THC.

What Is The Benefit of CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is highly sought after by CBD consumers because of the multitude of uses it offers. A CBD Isolate has no risk of THC sensitivities, high, or side effects. It is pure and concentrated.

However, the product must be of good quality and used correctly to allow the user to benefit from all the positive effects of CBD.

How to recognize a quality CBD isolate?

The CBD isolate is powerful and relatively expensive. It is imperative to check the quality before using CBD Isolate.

To identify a quality CBD Isolate, look for these three things:

  1. The origin of the hemp
  2. The method of extraction
  3. The Certificate of Analysis confirms the CBD levels

The origin of the hemp

Hemp-based products are common, but not all are equal. Thus, to ensure a quality CBD isolate, it is preferable to choose an isolate from a regulated hemp supplier. In the USA, all hemp based products must meet certain standards and regulations.

Carefully selecting the origin of the cannabis will give the most natural, pure isolate possible. A hemp supplier who limits the use of pesticides or uses organic farming practices is often best.

The method of extraction

How the isolate is extracted is another important criteria to check because it is what will determine the quality and the natural aspect of the finished product.

There are different extraction methods:

  • By solvent: This method involves the intervention of products that are not chemically neutral (alcohol, solvents, etc.) in the manufacturing process. These chemicals can remove some of the helpful CBD properties.
  • By CO2: This technique allows to separate the CBD from the rest of the plant and from the other cannabinoids present by subjecting the CBD oil to a strong pressure of CO2 which will allow extracting the cannabidiol. This preserves the helpful CBD benefits.

To maintain purity, it is preferable, when possible, to use isolates extracted naturally (with CO2) instead of chemical extraction.

The Certificate of Analysis confirms CBD levels

The Certificate of Analysis, or COA is third party lab testing that confirms if the tested product is indeed a CBD Isolate. If there are any unwanted cannabinoids, terpenes, or pesticide levels, they will be listed on the COA.

Always check the COA before using a CBD product.

How to use CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is a very popular product because it can be used multiple ways.

In recipes

CBD isolate has a neutral taste and is easily diluted, which makes it useful to incorporate CBD into your own recipes.

CBD isolate oils are also used in the preparation of cosmetic products, such as in ointment, massage oil or lip balms.

In a Beverage

Many find it easy to add CBD into their coffee or tea.


The isolate of CBD, by its form, offers a means of fast and effective consumption. To take full advantage of the effects of the product, it is advisable to put 2 to 3 mg under the tongue and let the isolate dilute. The effects of CBD will generally be felt quickly.

The pure CBD isolate can thus be consumed in several ways, making it useful to most CBD consumers.

CBD Isolate Dosage

CBD Isolate is highly concentrated.  For optimal use and in order to limit the risk of side effects of the CBD, it is advised not to exceed a daily dose of 5 – 10 mg.

Takeaway On What is CBD Isolate

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