What Is CBG? About Cannabigerol

What Is CBG? CBG is short for Cannabigerol, a cannabinoid found in cannabis. It is a less well-known than CBD, but CBG provides outstanding benefits. 

What You Need to Know About CBG

CBG is a very important compound found in Cannabis.

CBG is the parent Cannabinoid to CBD, and it is a skin-care superstar.

Where does CBG come from?

When we talk about cannabinoids, we think of CBD (cannabidiol) and its many benefits, then THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is responsible for the harmful psychotropic effects of cannabis and illegal in some countries. But we rarely discuss CBG (cannabigerol), or CBGA in its acid form. It is also a molecule present in hemp. In fact, it is the precursor of other cannabinoids!

Why CBG is Rare

During the growth of the plant, enzymes will convert CBG into other molecules including CBD and THC. This explains why CBG is only present in small quantities in the harvested hemp plants because it will have already been largely transformed into other cannabinoids by harvest time.

Can Hemp be Enhanced to Make More CBG?

CBG is a product found in small quantities in the cannabis plant when it is mature. Most cannabis species contain only 1% CBG!

Although it often contains little CBG, the level of CBG can be increased in the hemp by agricultural methods such as the voluntary crossing of different species or harvesting at a specific time.


To obtain a product containing CBG  requires the use of varieties of hemp rich in cannabigerol, but also a particular process of transformation. It is essential to use young plants and to preserve the richness of the active molecules.

Benefits of CBG

Wellness Benefits

Unlike other cannabinoids, research on CBG is still in its infancy. But early research on CBG as a neuro-protectant is very encouraging. For example, CBG would inhibit the capture of GABA, a neurotransmitter present in our brain. This would lead to muscle relaxation and above all it would reduce anxiety, which would allow us to envisage a good number of therapeutic applications.

CBG and Skincare

CBG pairs very well with other cannabinoids for an entourage effect on skincare issues such as acne.

CBG has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, which helps fight oxidative stress and aging in cells. It is akin to a superfood for cell regeneration.

Some of the benefits of CBG are:

  • CBG kills bacteria and reduces inflammation.
  • CBG addresses complicated skin problems that typically require prescription creams. These include moderate photo-damage, eczema and psoriasis. [1]

How to Get CBG 

It is available in full-spectrum CBD and some broad-spectrum CBDs

CBG is also difficult to extract, so a Full-spectrum CBD is a great way to get CBG benefits. Some Broad-Spectrum CBDs may include CBG, check the COA or CBD Label to check for CBG in a CBD Oil, salve or tincture. 

At some online stores, you may find a bottle of CBG oil at 2.5% and 10 ml of CBG oil at 5%. While not an isolate, this provides plenty of CBG benefits. 

The CBG oils are easy to use, just use a few drops sublingually.

Summary of Cannabigerol

Was What Is CBG About Cannabigerol useful? See other helpful cannabinoids such as CBC and CBN. Learn more about CBD types that you can get CBG benefits.


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