How to Know if Your CBD Is Lab Tested

The quality of a CBD is often difficult to recognize. In fact, many people think they can tell the difference between good products at a glance, but there are definitely some nuances that they miss. In this guide you will find all the points you need to look at before buying CBD, and how can you tell if your CBD is lab tested or not?

So how can consumers choose a reliable CBD product? First, take a look at COA certification!

What is COA certification?

COA, or certificate of analysis, is a laboratory report that tests the various chemical components of CBD products. The COA report indicates the amount of various types of cannabinoids and compounds such as heavy metals in CBD products and determines whether the product is as advertised. Generally speaking, the COA is a test report conducted by a third-party certification agency. Consumers can request a copy of the Certificate of Analysis from the CBD product seller.

What information is important to look for in Lab Tested CBD Reports?

For CBD products, the COA may look different from lab to lab, but they all contain the following important information.

The name of the testing lab on the Lab Tested Report

When looking at the COA, look first at the name of the testing lab, to see if it is the same company that sells the CBD product. Make sure the testing is done by a “third party” company, which is usually relatively fair and transparent. Also check if the lab is authoritative, and credible. If it’s a lab whose name you’ve never heard or is not listed in an independent laboratory directory, don’t buy that CBD product.

Cannabinoid ingredient list

If the lab is “third party” and “authoritative,” check the cannabinoid ingredient list.

If the CBD oil, for example, contains THC, CBG, CBDA, CBN, CBGA and other cannabinoids in addition to CBD, then it is “full spectrum CBD”.  The advantage of “full spectrum” is the “synergy” between the cannabis ingredients. Studies have shown that CBD tends to work best when combined with other cannabinoids and terpenes. If a CBD product is as rich in cannabinoids as “full-spectrum CBD” but without THC, it is “broad-spectrum CBD”. If the product contains only one cannabinoid, CBD, then the product is a “CBD isolate”, also called CBD crystals or isolate.

CBD content and THC content

After distinguishing between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolates, here are the two important parameters of the cannabinoid ingredient list, THC content and CBD content. CBD content can determine whether you get what you pay for. Since THC is the hallucinogenic and addictive component of the cannabis plant, all CBD products must have a THC content of 0.3% or less to be safe.

Heavy metal and pesticide ingredient list

Heavy metal and pesticide residue analysis can determine if the product is extracted from compliantly grown industrial hemp.

Date and product lot number

Check the test date to see if it is the most recent test; check the product lot number to see if the specific lot of the product purchased is the same as the actual lot tested.

Buying quality CBD from the right place

Buying good quality CBD is not an easy thing to do, especially if it is your first time. It is possible if you choose the right place to make the purchase.

You have to be careful when buying CBD. Many CBD products do not contain what they claim. Always check for the COA report before buying any CBD Oil. If a brand won’t provide you a copy of this report, then don’t buy from that brand. The best thing is to trust a reliable site or a specialized store that only offers quality CBD products.

Summary of How to Know if Your CBD Is Lab Tested

Only use safe and lab tested CBD from a reputable USA vendor.
Look for the Certificate of Analysis, a third party lab report that shows cannabinoid levels, any heavy metals or impure substances.

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