What Is the Best CBD Extraction Method?

What Is the Best CBD Extraction Method? How is CBD oil made? CBD, or cannabidiol, is available in several forms to fight against stress, anxiety and other health problems. But first CBD must be extracted from hemp. We review the three CBD extraction methods.

CBD Concentrations in Hemp

Pure CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from cannabis plants. Also called hemp or industrial hemp, this plant contains two active molecules: CBD and THC.

CBD is mainly found in the seeds and stems of cannabis in low concentrations, while THC is usually extracted from hemp flowers. CBD can also be extracted from synthesized plantations, and at higher concentrations.

CBD Extraction Techniques

In view of its many positive health and skincare effects, CBD is being consumed more and more by the public. CBD oil is the most common form, as well as various skin care products.

There are three ways to extract CBD from cannabis plants.

  1. Extraction using chemical solvents
  2. Extraction using oil
  3. Extraction with CO2.

Here is an overview on these three CBD extraction methods:

CBD Extraction using chemical solvents

A solvent is a chemical, often alcohol-based, is used to dissolve plant material while extracting CBD or other phytocannabinoids. Solvents can leave a residue or strip nutrients.

Ethanol and other chemicals are used in this process. It is a method known for its ease and low cost, it is indeed accessible to everyone.

How it works:  Alcohol is added to the hemp plants to separate the CBD from the rest of the plant.  It dissolves terpenes, THC, other cannabinoids and plant fiber.

However, this remains the most dangerous way of extraction, if the alcohol used in the extraction is not completely removed from the final mixture, the CBD oil can be toxic.

Another disadvantage of this method is alcohol also strips some of the beneficial nutrients from CBD.  While not dangerous to consume, this heavy processing makes for a less effective CBD.

This form of CBD extraction is often used in cheaper CBD oils or hidden in poor performing skincare products.

CBD Extraction using oil

Practiced by heating a mixture of raw material (cannabis), and basic oil, oil extraction is an extraction method used by many amateurs, due to its accessibility.

The first advantage of this method is the fact of not using toxic products.  However,  because of the high temperatures, several beneficial active molecules may or may not be removed.

CBD Extraction with CO2

This is the most advanced method of extraction, it uses CO2 in two physical states at the same time (liquid and gas). The extraction with CO2 is done in high temperatures (high or low), and is considered the most optimal way to extract CBD.

CBD extraction method that preserves nutrients. CO2 gas is pressurized into a liquid to extract oils without degrading the CBD.

With this method, a large percentage of CBD is extracted from cannabis, without leaving any toxic residue. CO2 extraction remains the most recommended method of CBD oil extraction, because of the different advantages it offers. However, it requires professional equipment and is often a more expensive process.

Why The Way CBD is Made is Important

The CBD extraction method is an important part of a quality CBD oil.  Quality CBDs may require more costly methods but contain superior nutrients.

CBD oil is sold in stores and online.It is important to be careful about what you buy before consuming it. Check out theCBD Guidesto know how find a reputable CBD vendor.   Also see how to read a CBD ingredient label.

Summary of What Is the Best CBD Extraction Method

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